Rising Minds’ mission is to educate k-12 students to help them succeed in a wide range of disciplines — from mathematics to the arts. Reach out to us to learn more, or check out our information for parents page.

We partner with students AND PARENTS

To help students reach new heights in their academic journey, we offer personalized learning, tailored to each student’s unique needs. Our services start at $45/hour, though discounts may apply. 

Private Tutoring

Offered 60 minute increments with experienced tutors.

Small Group Tutoring

Offered 60 minute increments. Great for families or neighbors.


Schedule your student’s Math and Reading Assessments.

Group Programs

Regular meetings that help students maximize their learning abilities in a group setting.

Education Consulting

Talk to a teacher to get the professional input you need for your student’s education.

Home School Hotline

Homeschooling families find value in our tutoring services when the student needs support in just one or two classes. The primary service that we offer homeschoolers is our “Full-Time” program where we provide the curriculum, establish the student’s educational path, assign work, grade assignments, and meet with the student one-on-one between 8-12 hours per week.