Upcoming Courses (Starting January 17th):

Below is a list of our upcoming courses. Click here to sign up.

Students will learn about mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians in this immersive class. The teacher will use various games and activities to engage the students and teach them about various animal species.

Middle School Math:
Middle school students will learn the fundamentals of Algebra 1, as well as how it applies to other math classes. Pre-algebra is the base of many other classes students might take in high school, so it is important to develop these skills early.

Our Spanish classes will provide beginner level classes in speaking Spanish. The topics will include basic conversational skills, basic words, and parts of the community.

We will be offering an online coding course using the beginner language Java for middle and high school students. Coding is a great way for young minds to take an interest in problem solving and programming!

Intensive Reading:
We will be teaching a reading course where together students will work on fluency, phonics, writing and grammar. We plan on incorporating movement, music, and games in order to make learning fun!

Lego League:
We will be teaching the importance of creativity and simple problem solving through building new structures, vehicles, and landscapes using legos. Lego League encourages creativity and thinking outside the box.