Karyn Scarbrough

Founder, Tutor

I wasn’t the kid that sat up front, raised my hand, or made perfect grades. As much as I loved purchasing new school supplies and planners I wasn’t the student that used them efficiently. When I became a teacher, it wasn’t to try and help every student get straight As or love whatever subject I was teaching. I became a teacher because I loved the challenge of finding that “light bulb” moment for students. Not just seeing it happen, but helping the student figure out how to find that moment again and again across the board. After 10 years in the classroom, a Master’s Degree in Education and Curriculum, and teaching in a few different countries I now offer education consulting and tutoring to help families and students find those light bulb moments in an individual setting.

Hannah Thomas

Tutor, Curriculum Specialist

Hannah Thomas double majored at Emmaus Bible College receiving her B. S. in Elementary Education and in Bible Theology. She is currently finishing up her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Pensacola Christian College. She is a state-certified teacher and has a K-8 reading endorsement. She has worked with students in a classroom setting, in person, and online. She also has experience teaching students with special needs such as ADD and autism. Hannah is passionate about helping children love the process of learning and pushing them to their full potential. She is a very patient teacher who works to have students actively involved during her tutoring sessions. She looks forward to working with and getting to know your family.

Tracy morgan

Tutor, Family Liaison

Tracy Morgan is a teacher with thirty-six years of experience. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is also certified in Reading. Most of her teaching experience has been in Special Education and she has worked with students from Pre-K through adulthood. Throughout her career she has taught students with a myriad of special needs ranging from mild to severe. Along with her formal education, she brings invaluable classroom experience in helping students achieve their best potentials to each session. When she is not teaching she enjoys being with family and friends, enjoying our beautiful beaches, festivals, cooking, painting, and reading.

Jami Duncan


Jami Duncan is a former teacher for the Escambia County School district. She taught the Veterinary Science Academy at Tate High School for four years and sixth grade science for one year before deciding to work from home full time. Since leaving the school district, Jami has been teaching English online to ESL students. Jami has a passion for animals and has worked with many species of wildlife. She’s also an animal trainer and has trained many exotic animals including tigers. She has an associate’s degree in Zoo Animal Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.

Jordan Iserman


Jordan Iserman is a 22-year-old university student from Pensacola, Florida. He has been tutoring middle school and high school age students for two years and specializes in teaching math. He is located near the University of West Florida, where he goes to school and plans to graduate in the spring of 2022 with a degree in Mathematics. He also loves learning about environmental science, tennis, and electric guitar.



Jessica Banda


Jessica Banda is a general education and Spanish tutor with Rising Minds in the Pensacola area! She has her Master’s Degree in education and was a general ed teacher for six years. She taught grades pre-k through 4th grade in both Virginia and Florida. Though she left teaching for nursing school, teaching still has a special place in her heart, which is what led her to become part of the team at Rising Minds Learning. Jessica has been tutoring since August of 2021 and continues to love teaching her students. When not tutoring or studying, she likes to eat tacos and workout!

Alek Savilla


Alek Sevilla is a Cyber Security major at The University of West Florida. He lives in Gulf Breeze but he is originally from Bel Air, Maryland. For community service, he tutored high school math at Gulf Breeze High School. He has also helped his friends in high school and college with coding and calculus. He specializes in mathematics and coding. Alek is confident in teaching most math courses up through Calculus 2. The coding languages he knows are Java, C++, Python, and some C#. He enjoys solving complex problems, whether it be math, coding, or even riddles. Alek is very passionate about video games and coding. He is joining a project with his friends to make their own game.