Karyn Scarbrough

Founder, Tutor

I wasn’t the kid that sat up front, raised my hand, or made perfect grades. As much as I loved purchasing new school supplies and planners I wasn’t the student that used them efficiently. When I became a teacher, it wasn’t to try and help every student get straight As or love whatever subject I was teaching. I became a teacher because I loved the challenge of finding that “light bulb” moment for students. Not just seeing it happen, but helping the student figure out how to find that moment again and again across the board. After 10 years in the classroom, a Master’s Degree in Education and Curriculum, and teaching in a few different countries I now offer education consulting and tutoring to help families and students find those light bulb moments in an individual setting.

Hannah Thomas

Tutor, Curriculum Specialist

Hannah Thomas double majored at Emmaus Bible College receiving her B. S. in Elementary Education and in Bible Theology. She is currently finishing up her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Pensacola Christian College. She is a state-certified teacher and has a K-8 reading endorsement. She has worked with students in a classroom setting, in person, and online. She also has experience teaching students with special needs such as ADD and autism. Hannah is passionate about helping children love the process of learning and pushing them to their full potential. She is a very patient teacher who works to have students actively involved during her tutoring sessions. She looks forward to working with and getting to know your family.

Tracy morgan

Tutor, Family Liaison

Tracy Morgan is a teacher with thirty-six years of experience. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is also certified in Reading. Most of her teaching experience has been in Special Education and she has worked with students from Pre-K through adulthood. Throughout her career she has taught students with a myriad of special needs ranging from mild to severe. Along with her formal education, she brings invaluable classroom experience in helping students achieve their best potentials to each session. When she is not teaching she enjoys being with family and friends, enjoying our beautiful beaches, festivals, cooking, painting, and reading.

Fani Sculley


Fani Sculley graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of West Florida and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work at the same institution. She is from Venezuela and speaks both Spanish and English. She loves her family, nature, dogs, and ice cream! She has experience working with students of all ages and brings a unique approach to helping our students achieve their academic goals.

Katie Smith


Ms. Katie Smith has ten years of experience working in early childhood education. She owned a Kindermusik program in Destin, FL before deciding to return to school at UWF, where she has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing (conferred) and has achieved senior status in pursuit of her Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. Katie specializes in tutoring for advanced writing, including grammar and essay organization; literature, including reading comprehension; and music theory. Katie also teaches private voice lessons at Gulf Breeze School of Music.